Our craft and passion bring smiles to faces of children

Bobby Taylor is not a production facility, we are a manufactory. We do not mass produce, but here each car is manufactured for children according to the rules of craftsmanship.

Every Bobby Tailor Kids Car is created by hand with first class materials. Experienced master craftsmen working to the best traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology for an optimal result. Top quality craftsmenship from the upholsterers, to the painters, to the electricians, to the designers all the way to the final assembly. Every detail is made so lovingly to an extent that at the end a very special product arises:  luxurious childrens vehicles that let them feel the passion for style and quality and are eye catching for large and small.


Exclusive Bobby Cars by Bobby Tailor are held to the same high standards as the German luxury car brands. Each vehicle will be custom made according to your ideas. Your own design, or one of our exclusive designs, combined with high quality materials. Bodyshells of German brand manufacturers are constructed with the highest stardards of any exclusive Children's car: with paints in primary colors, with underbody protection against stone chips, with properly tanned leather from Germany, with a child-safe electronics for light and sound effects and countless customization options: from the name plate by Swarovski or gem ornaments or special colors and wishes at the seams, leather or composition. The following applies: All that the child's heart desires is possible.

Manufactoring / safety

Exclusivity arises from craft and quality. All Bobby Cars by Bobby Tailor are customized and produced by skilled craftsmen in the best tradition of trade. Modern equipment and machines ensure high quality, the technical know-how and experienced hands guarantee at first-class implementation.

Of course all children's cars by Bobby Tailor meet all necessary health and safety requirements and standards. Including flame-retardant coatings, solvent-free coatings, secure hardware, non-toxic natural resins and multi insulated electronics in low-voltage range are for us a matter of course.


Our rims are much more than just a round thing on a wheel, but a real eye-catcher: in period style, precise and modern individually crafted rims play a central role in the design and overall appearance of our Bobby Cars. They are specially designed by us, electronically produced and painted by hand - piece by piece. From modern to classic to retro anything is possible. In addition, the authentically designed discs complete the look.


The naturalness and first-class workmanship of the leather emphasize easily the luxury standards. Our leather is from european farms and is tanned and processed gently to environmental and safety requirements. They meet the same standards of quality as luxury manufacturers such as in aviation and yacht factory.


In our modern paint shop almost all colors are available - according to taste and preference. We paint on request the shades of all premium automakers or simply your favorite color. The plastic body is specially processed in order to optimize the structure of the material for the undercoat.

For subsequent painting we use only environmentally friendly, shockproof synthetic paint resins. The final step is sealing the body with solvent-free varnish. The underbody is protected according to industry protection standards against stone chips. Fine lines or ornaments are added with an experienced and steady hand. This creates areas of color and accents that really set it off.


Each headlight is piece of art in itself with every one of our models. They are milled by hand and equipped with modern LED lights. The integrated battery is CE certified and can be recharged with a plug under the gas tank cover. The corresponding charger cable is of course a standard one. A modern touch sensor is used to activate and control the cockpit. All cables run inside the frame and are repeatedly securely fastened and therefore safe for children.


The cockpit and all the fittings are always in view of the little driver. Again, we offer individually designed variants which greatly resemble of the interior design real cars and promise the greatest possible authenticity. Whether wood, carbon design or precious metal - the look depends entirely on your taste.