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Bobby Tailor toy cars are little masterpieces of crafted tailoring- for young and old. Whether vinyl, leather, chrome, electrical or free rolling or rims, each Bobby Tailor Car is unique and a real eye candy. Even the little ones can appreciate the exceptional quality. So it is no wonder that Bobby Cars by Bobby Tailor regularely advance to the absolute favorite toy.

Top notch selected leather, hand engraved seams, custom paint - nothing tops the quality of our crafted custom work. Our pride in our craft can be seen and felt in every detail.

Individuality is an expression of turning away from the ordinary. Our design department interprets and creates high quality models that are an expression of personality and quality.

Vintage, modern, sporty or retro – Choose from our wide variety to find the perfect car for your child. Bobby Tailor offers different basic shapes that you can customize as you wish.

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Get inspired! Customize your own Bobby Car. Creating your own masterpiece of tailoring and sophisticated equipment is part of the Bobby Tailor concept. So configure your own Luxury Bobby Car, explore impressive results in the gallery or browse through the accessories shop. Bobby Cars have never been so fascinating!

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Die Bobby Tailor Welt

Some people do not settle for second best. Some of us strive for greatness in everything that we do. For those of you who mediocrity and mass production are not enough, we offer luxury children cars that are unique and valuable just like the little ones who are driving them.

We manufacture top notch Bobby Cars, quality unique pieces that bring child's demands for quality and appreciation to life.

Fully functional and custom-made by seasoned craftsman. Made from the best materials and made in Germany, Bobby Tailor children’s cars an unmistakable expression of the beautiful and precious things in life. Or in short: Our cars make kids ecstatic!